Sponsor the UFS Guineafowl

Our dotted Guineafowl look dressed for any event! Help cover their cost of care.

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Our dotted Guineafowl look dressed for any event! Help cover their cost of care.

Our Stunning Domestic Guineafowl

Guineafowl came to Unity Farm Sanctuary in starting in 2012

Our beautiful speckled guineafowl now number over 70 and have been here long before Unity became a sanctuary. They are a domestic variety of the wild Helmeted Guineafowl found in Africa, and are related to pheasants and turkeys. But don’t just think Guineafowl are just another pretty face! They are active little busybodies trekking about the sanctuary each day looking for seeds and ticks. This makes them valuable pest-controllers as well as increasingly popular “pets” in the suburbs. As they are quite vocal when disturbed or threatened, Guineafowl make excellent, chatty watch dogs. The females make a two-note cry, which sounds like “buckwheat” or “come back”, while the males make a one-note sound, like “chi, chi, chi.” Some of Unity’s surrendered birds make wild nests in the forests and hatch babies called “keets.” We are grateful that all of our Guineafowl are safe and sound, and not being used as egg layers or served as a meal on someone’s plate.

The UFS Guineas needs grain, veggies, annual medical care, plus an occasional treat. You can become a Unity Supporter for the Guineas! Every donation is deeply appreciated and goes directly to the care of our rescued farm animal residents.

$8.32 is the cost of care for each animal each day here at Unity Farm Sanctuary in feed, care, veterinary and more

All donors are recognized as a Unity Supporter

One lucky donor pledging a gift of $499.20/year is recognized as the Unity Protector. You can be their Unity Protector for the year!

To be a Unity Protector, please email concierge@unityfarmsanctuary.org

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