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Silly Ducks! Help cover the cost of food, bedding, and care

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Silly Ducks! Help cover the cost of food, bedding, and care

Our Endearingly, Adorable Ducks

Ducks came to Unity Farm Sanctuary in starting in 2017

If an animal can be considered too cute for words, then the duck is just that animal! People can often be swept up by the amount of cuteness and underestimate the amount of care needed for these living beings. Ducks are often bought on a whim or for a holiday gift, without enough consideration; but as soon as they lose their soft-downy feathers at eight weeks of age, they are often no longer wanted. Sadly, many ducks are also raised for meat, eggs, and down. As super-social beings, they truly need the companionship of other ducks to be happy and healthy. At Unity, we have oh-so-many ducks! Lots of our ducks are surrenders of meat and egg breeds like Jumbo Pekins, Rouens, and Runner ducks. None of the animals that find their way to UFS will ever be asked to provide anything for people. Our ducks can all look forward to a lifetime of swimming in their ponds and paddling along in the rain--along with a lifetime of good care, security, and love at Unity.

The UFS Ducks needs veggies, grain, annual medical care, plus an occasional treat. You can become a Unity Supporter for the Ducks! Every donation is deeply appreciated and goes directly to the care of our rescued farm animal residents.

$8.32 is the cost of care for each animal each day here at Unity Farm Sanctuary in feed, care, veterinary and more

All donors are recognized as a Unity Supporter

One lucky donor pledging a gift of $499.20/year is recognized as the Unity Protector. You can be their Unity Protector for the year!

To be a Unity Protector, please email concierge@unityfarmsanctuary.org

Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. We acknowledge no goods or services were provided to you in return for your contribution. Unity Farm Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. EIN # 81-4984951