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A Star is Born!! Help cover the cost of food, bedding, and annual veterinary care.

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A Star is Born!! Help cover the cost of food, bedding, and annual veterinary care.

Our Sicilian Donkey, Star

Star the Donkey came to Unity Farm Sanctuary in 2018.

There are many favorites at Unity Farm Sanctuary and Star, our well-adored Sicilian mini Donkey, must be close to the top spot. Those eyes, that mane of hair, those gorgeous hooves--all packaged into a being who is as lovely inside as out. After living as a guardian to sheep and eating in a high calorie, sugary grass pasture for several years, Star gained over 100 extra pounds. Donkeys and sheep need to eat different diets to be healthy. That much weight not only brought on an expanding waistline for our girl, but also several health problems. When Star came to UFS, she was put on a strict diet that included 4 healthy meals of fresh cut hay per day. Her exercise regime that includes daily walks has not only alleviated all of those prior health issues, but has made Star more comfortable and energetic. A lover of music, Star has impeccable taste. Many volunteers have brought her classical music to listen to, or played live instruments like the ukelele and guitar. Sometimes Star will even sing along with you. She is pure joy.

Star the Donkey needs hay, grain, annual vaccinations and medical care, plus an occasional treat. You can become a Unity Supporter for Star! Every donation is deeply appreciated and goes directly to the care of our rescued farm animal residents.

$8.32 is the cost of care for each animal each day here at Unity Farm Sanctuary in feed, care, veterinary and more

All donors are recognized as a Unity Supporter

One lucky donor pledging a gift of $499.20/year is recognized as the Unity Protector. Star has her Unity Protector for the year!

To be a Unity Protector, please email concierge@unityfarmsanctuary.org

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